Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day.

Today was a bit busy and fun. A friend, Melinda and I went to Louisville to the annual Farm Machinery show. It was a lot of walking and after about 5 hours our joints were screaming. However it was a good networking day. Cory and some buddies were there too for the Tractor Pulls in the afternoon and evening so we crossed paths a couple of times. While there I bought a new interesting hay feeder that is really innovative. It is for a round bale and has a built in cover on it and is made of all round steel piping and a great base that can let us lower it for the sheep to use. It has an interesting lower half which allows the sheep to pull the hay out but not have the bale fall on them as they eat it and the horses can have it raised to their height, can reach in it to eat and still not be able to rub their necks on the top part. The ends can be opened to the left or to the right and the bale is completely contained. When I get a picture of it I will post it here. Cory and his buddies got it loaded into his truck and is bringing it home tonight so we can put it to use.
Hope everyone had a good Valentine Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Storms round three

We have again lived through the "Spring Storms" of mid February. All is well at Maryster Farm #1, KY division. The sun is out and the wind is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. I took my truck into Lexington yesterday to be serviced and got in just before the wind and rain hit with a vengeance. The big glass windows in the room in which I was waiting, appeared to buckle and bend but none broke thanks goodness. The rain came in every crack and under the doors but we all survived and no apparent damage in sight of Freedom Dodge Commercial Show Room. Ran an errand or two going by PetSmart to get another load of puppy food and then headed home. At the Farm I have a big old snag that blew down below the pasture by the creek, but it did not do any damage, though it was close to the fence.

Water is running everywhere and everything is soggy soggy but the wind is helping to dry it all out. This morning I had to go on last minute notice to Frankfort to support HB 158 which is what is being called the "Slots Bill" as it was coming up for a vote in Committee and I had to be in and seated by 9 AM. It all went well and it was voted favorably out of committee, now goes to the Appropriations and Revenue Committee then on to bigger and better things I imagine.
Am looking forward to spring riding!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter to false spring

We are enjoying some warm weather but it is not destined to last. After the ice and snow storms which started the end of January and ended sort of last week, we now are into a few days of 60 degree weather and hopefully some drying out can occur. All animals and humans came through fine. No power at all for 3 days then a generator for the next six, helped us all keep body and mind together for the duration. It has been fun now that Elizabeth has started her Blog as well as this one so we can keep up a little bit. I sort of forget to post and to look but am learning.
Maybe it is a better way to keep up with family and friends with word of deeds and pictures of fun and not so fun stuff. Attached is pretty picture taken from home at sunset after the ice quit coming.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Puppy landmark.4weeks

On February 7th the litter of puppies reached the four week mark, and all the local, KY folk have been to see and pick out their choices of puppy to enhance their family. Folks from Louisville, KY and Lexington, KY have chosen theirs. A friend in Long Island, NY will get one, the owner of the sire of this litter will get one but it is going to a young man coming back imminenetly from Iraq, and will ultimately end up in San Diego, CA. One is going to Alaska to join her aunt from their MOM's litter. So it appears there will be 5 of the 8 puppies staying in three locations in KY and the other three spread from coast to coast very literally. One family in Lexington,KY is getting a second puppy that will be a half sister to the one they have.

All very exciting. After they all go I will confirm their final destination.