Wednesday, April 1, 2009


oh what a beautiful day. Sun very little or no wind. all animals are doing well. One ewe has lambed a wonderful ram lamb, now 4 to go.

Sick filly is looking better and eating well. Visiting sister-dog "Murphy" is keeping her sister Shelby very busy and well exercised. They are all crashing to bed early when we finally retire to the house.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Winter to spring every other day/Clinic

Last week we got about 1 1/2 " of much needed rain and the grass is actually really looking green. Sunday was very cold and very windy but I had signed up for a Lexington Mounted Police despooking clinic for Sunday evening and All day today. We were fortunately in an indoor at Masterson Station Park as the wind, rain and cold was grim outside. All we did was ground work and that was very interesting with Friday as he was interested in everything except what I wanted him to do but perseverance willed out and he finally started crossing bridges, walking over stuffed "bodies" blue and grey tarps rolling ball and lots of other stuff. I was exhausted and he could have gone on for a long time.

Monday (today) we had an all day session with 3 groups going through 3 classes mounted and unmounted. It was fun and Friday did really well. The instructors were 2 Mounted Police officers and were really quite good instructors. Niece Martha was there which was fun to be with her. Jessica Brown was there as well and we had some good visit time. Friday crossed a teeter totter, walked on all sorts of plastic, pushed big and little balls around, pushed gates open with tarps hanging down, with his chest, crossed a water hazard (all better with me mounted than with me on the ground---although we did get them all done) and wallowed around with plastic orange highway barrier barrels. The weather was utterly wonderful with bright clear sun, not a cloud in the sky and no wind. We were only inside for one session and the 2 obstacle courses were outside and great fun. All in all I am nearly done in but the mule is more than ready to get back to work so I have no more excuses for not riding now that spring has sprung----at least for a day or two.

The hen's are paying their rent daily so I have fresh eggs and the makings for egg salad---a favorite on mine. The dogs are all doing well and Murphy, the visiting sister dog is blending in well and loves the runs we take and is playing hard with her sister Shelby who packed the suitcase for the last puppy last Sunday so she is happy to give up Motherhood.

The cats all seem happy and wander in and out at will and eat a lot.

The five ewes up in barn to lamb have not yet produced any babies yet but a couple are close. I love having lambs in the spring and when they go outside the "lamb watching" gets really fun as they run and play and drive their moms crazy.

All is well at Maryster Farm!!