Thursday, February 12, 2009

Storms round three

We have again lived through the "Spring Storms" of mid February. All is well at Maryster Farm #1, KY division. The sun is out and the wind is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. I took my truck into Lexington yesterday to be serviced and got in just before the wind and rain hit with a vengeance. The big glass windows in the room in which I was waiting, appeared to buckle and bend but none broke thanks goodness. The rain came in every crack and under the doors but we all survived and no apparent damage in sight of Freedom Dodge Commercial Show Room. Ran an errand or two going by PetSmart to get another load of puppy food and then headed home. At the Farm I have a big old snag that blew down below the pasture by the creek, but it did not do any damage, though it was close to the fence.

Water is running everywhere and everything is soggy soggy but the wind is helping to dry it all out. This morning I had to go on last minute notice to Frankfort to support HB 158 which is what is being called the "Slots Bill" as it was coming up for a vote in Committee and I had to be in and seated by 9 AM. It all went well and it was voted favorably out of committee, now goes to the Appropriations and Revenue Committee then on to bigger and better things I imagine.
Am looking forward to spring riding!!!

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